Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eye Pillows

Soft, delicious and inspiring...

I wanted to keep every.single.one!

I know, they seem like a luxury, but the benefits of eye pillows are endless.

They shut the world out and draw you inward, block out the light and put gentle pressure on your eyes and sinuses which can reduce daily stress of staring at a computer screen.

They are nice to have during savasana, or use them to weigh down your palms or wrists during your restorative practice.

These make great gifts for new moms, old moms, dads of all ages, brides to be and anyone else who need to chill the bleep out! lol

These eye pillows are handmade with 95% recycled materials, and filled with flax seeds.
The cover has an envelope enclosure on the back side and can be tossed in the wash on cold and tumble dried on low.

I will sell them individually in my shop soon. 
If you are in the Portland area you can purchase them immediately from Yoga Pearl.

Wholesale purchases of 15 or more are available for you to stock your studio, just contact me!

I am thrilled about these little gems!

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