Saturday, August 6, 2011

Natural Laundry Detergent

Yay! First blog post about what I have been doing with my life recently. I have mentioned a little business endeavor to some of you- well I am "sweetly inspired" and I'm working on my etsy shop as I type this. Literally, my etsy page is minimized as I compose this blog!!! Must keep this short and sweet, but I made the most divine cleaning powder for our laundry:

Grate one 8oz or two 4oz bar of dr bronners or mrs meyers or what ever natural bar soap you like 
2 C wash soda
2 C borax 
I shred mine up even finer in the food processor, but it's not necessary. I used mrs Meyers lavender soap it smells amazing! It ends up being only like 2 cents a load and you have all the stuff to make other natural household cleaners. Preston's (my baby boy) skin is super sensitive so we are going to give this a whirl!

You only need to use one tablespoon for a full load.

I put my natural detergent to the test on the first load- Sweaty and stinky yoga clothes! They came out smelling fresh and so clean! btw: the cool star jar came from ikea :) Happy Laundering!


  1. will it really and truly make my befouled smelling yoga clothes smell fresh as a daisy??? i am making this!!!

  2. did the poopy diapers... it worked! befouled lady harryhill yoga clothing be warned: your stinch will soon be over! ;)