Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Miniature Witch Hat

Hello fall! Halloween is just around the corner :)
Halloween is my mother's birthday and favorite holiday. I am helping her plan out a pretty extravagant and fun themed Halloween party, which we will get into in a later blog (gotta make it through Preston's first birthday first!)
"Does your brain even stop working?" silly hubby asked me last night. I just gave him the "what do you think?!" look and he responded, "I know it doesn't!"
So here it is... The thing I laid in bed awake thinking about the past two nights. A miniature witch hat. To be secured on a headband or alligator clip and worn or to adorn your sweet orange cat to laugh at!
I used a toilet paper roll for the top, an old shoe box for the brim. I covered it in this green yellowish raw silk that I had in my fabric stash and embellished it with black ribbon, scrap booking rhinestones and black feathers plucked from an old boa.

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