Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY Weekly dry erase meal planner board and broken computer

So, my computer broke. A very sad time right now, we have been together for 8 years, she made the move with me to Portland. I was very attached to my little PowerBook g4! So here I am, back from hiding and posting crappy photos (from my iPad) of a cute project! Lol This will just have to do until I either get a new computer or the camera adaptor for my iPad.

I went to The Rebuilding Center on Mississippi and scoured the old windows. I found this one and decided it was "the one" - I figured that a black frame would be a little too dramatic for this piece since the paper in the back has so much black in it.

(Step 1) So using packaging paper to cover the glass and painters' tape my dear husband covered the front of the glass and one a day when it actually wasn't raining here in Portland, I spray painted the frame with a matte metallic silver.
(Step 2) I cut my decorative paper to size by inserting it behind the glass and using and exacto knife around the edges of the paper for precision.
(Step 3) I punched 7 circles out from a complimentary paper using my Fiskars circle hole punch, then spread Mod Podge on the back of each circle and evenly spaced them out on my decorative paper- using a ruler.
(Step 4) I could have stamped my letters in to the circles or even cut them out with the Cricut, but I found these stickers last week in my scrapbook stash and decided that a. I was feeling lazy and b. These would be really cute with the design of the decorative paper that I chose. So I chose the lowercase letters, peeled them off and stuck them in the middle of the circles. In our house the week starts with Monday and ends on Sunday, so I ran with that.
(Step 5) I cleaned the glass really well with my homemade glass cleaner and used a microfiber towel to remove all excess lint.
(Step 6) I slathered Mod Podge on the back (unpainted frame) side of my window glass and very carefully and slowly adhered my decorative paper face down in the Mod Podge. I let it dry and...
(Step 7) I applied Mod Podge on the back of the decorative paper to protect the paper. If you wanted, after the Mod Podge dries you could seal it with clear acrylic sealer, but I didn't feel it was necessary.
(Step 8) We attached 2 sawtooth picture hangers on the back to hang it and balance it out when we write on/erase it!

What I'd do differently next time:
Less or lighter color pattern on the decorative paper so we could read the meals better.
Overall, I LOVE how it turned out. I am an instant gratification crafter and this met all of my expectations and time constraints!!

Happy crafting! If you make one, please send me a picture, I'd love to see what you come up with!!

 What is your meal planning process, tips or tricks?

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