Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Utilizing space under the couch!

I have mentioned that I have been going nuts on this house organizing. 
While this is not the fanciest thing that I have ever come up with, it is functional and clean. I went a little crazy at Target buying containers during their home storage sale last week. Ok, I went a lot crazy. I totally fell in love with these containers that are similar to the under the bed storage containers by Sterilite only they are half the length and way easier to maneuver. I am tired of having things out all over the place, so much of our storage is out in the open which is cute, but seriously y'all, enough is enough! 

So... here it is: 

Very unassuming, right?! Just Preston's little pal Scout chillin' on the couch. 
(With a little blur in the photo, I just could not get any great shots today!)

But look what is under that wrinkled little couch skirt!

There's our storage! Right underneath the couch, isn't that refreshing?!

I even made these awesome little labels!

I had David laminate them at work then we sealed them on to the containers with packing tape. Since one of our little girls loves to destroy things we wanted to make sure they were super secure.

A place for everything and everything in its place!!

Have you jumped on the organizing band wagon this year?

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