Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A little L.O.V.E. sign!

Are ya feelin' the love?!

I know I am!
 The sun is shining here today in Portland, Oregon and I get to spend the day with my lil man!

Remember my mudroom/entry way?! Well, last week I finally added these adorable coat hooks, and this week I am working on that gallery wall!

Y'all know I am all about the inspiration, so I want our entryway to be full of inspirational phrases and words so that as we leave our home we are inspired to take on the world tethered to our hearts. When we come home we will be reminded that our home is a haven and we are only worth the energy and inspiration that we bring to our space.

So I made a LOVE sign!

I was inspired by this image that I found on pinterest:

See that gold LOVE in the background?! Cute right?! 
I didn't like the gold for my gallery wall. I'm going for mostly black and white inspired by this photo:


Sadly I can not get to the direct link to this post, it's apparently from Tumbler but here is my pin on Pinterest. 

Isn't that just lovely?!

So, here is my entry so far:

We are getting there!

More art/signs to go, and new lights are in our future for sure!

Ok, another little peek at the LOVE:

Hope you're feelin' the love today!

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  1. You make some really great signs...I'd have to say that this one is a definite favorite! Looks awesome!!!

  2. I am LOVING your love sign!
    I'm not sure if I knew you live in Portland before or not? I'm in the Tri-Cities area in WA.

    @ Creatively Living

  3. Super cute.....I love your ideas...

    Coming over from Vintage wanna bee

    Dear life from a mom of boys