Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mudroom under $100 - part 2: A recycled kitchen cabinet turned mudroom storage hutch

So, we all remember what my tiny entry way looked like, right? If you didn't see it in this post of part 1, here is a reminder:

I identified that I needed storage in our entry way:
(From part 1)
What do I need to store in my entry way? Shoes, jackets, dog leash, poo bags, shopping bags, incoming and outgoing mail, family binder (meal plan, cleaning plan, bills), reusable shopping bags, shopping list, keys... I'm sure this list will grow in the future as this becomes a usable space.

I love the challenge of making things that look very nice (and function very well) out of quality inexpensive materials. My go to place is The Rebuilding Center. I had the recollection that upper cabinets are about 12" deep and that is about the amout of space we could spare in our narrow entry for storage. I always have to have a little chat with myself before I go, "Now Lauren, be open to what you might find. Don't let your vision be too narrow and if you can not find something that you believe will be just right, they'll have a whole new inventory next week."

Well, I went, I searched, and I found! Only $10 for this upper cabinet!

Pardon the photos, y'all know how impatient I am at starting new projects and this cabinet was all taken apart and ready to paint the night I bought it. But you get the idea.

There's the cute little planter turned shoe rack back there!

ew. But such incredible detail!

Wide insides!

I got to work sanding, priming and painting. I decided to go with black since the walls are so light and our kitchen floor is black and white checkered. Plus it helped that we had a can of Behr Mickey Mouse Ears (black) in the garage left over from a previous project. I was so excited about this find that I even woke up bright and early, earlier than Preston even, to get this baby finished.

I soaked the icky hinges in all kinds of cleaner in an attempt to de-gunk them, then spray painted them white in contrast to the black. 

I bought legs from Home Depot for $20, which was steep in my book, but I was ready to get this entry under control and I wanted something simple. The ones I purchased are 2"x2"x6" wooden screw in legs and the screw in plates (sold separately). This way our cabinet would be raised above the trim and we would have more room for storage underneath. I also painted the legs black.

I put it all back together and my husband anchored it to the wall by screwing it into the studs for ultra support, and here's the finished product!

There is still so much more that needs to be accomplished in this entry area, but we will save that for another day! Thanks for checking out my musings.

What is your favorite up cycled home improvement project that you have scored on the cheap?

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  1. this looks great!!! that is so clever, i just love it! you need some color on those walls. i have a color wheel that i could bring over and we can drink wine. i have a really good eye for color and that space needs some!

    i have upcycled so much of my decor. you should just come over and see for yourself. plus i have a crap ton of crafty bitlettes that you could shop for any projects you have in mind. i have lots that i love, but haven't done anything with. currently i am looking for a simple cabinet, something on legs preferably, with a door on the front. i'll remove the door and attach chicken wire on there instead. a little paint, a shelf in there with a little ramp. voila! unique guinea pig house. we have 2 coming to the girls for xmas and i DO NOT want a creepy petco cage in my house.

    let me know if you have any ideas to share with me regarding that. <3 << probably didn't turn into a little heart but that's what it is!!