Sunday, December 4, 2011

We got our tree up!

I am by no means a Scrooge or a Grinch. But I have never been into the whole holiday music and get the tree up as fast as you can kinda deal. Our little man loves lights! We have been walking him down the Christmas light aisle at Target and Fred Meyer for weeks now. He gets so excited that he starts shaking. We debated about real tree or artificial tree, weighing the pros and cons of both... Smell and pine needles, sap and water, what will the cat climb up/eat/mess with and what would Preston do with one or the other?! I don't know that there was ever a final decision made, but I found myself in Target (humming along to the holiday tunes!) on the Christmas light aisle with lil P staring at an artificial tree that stood "6 feet" tall and only cost $20. It was in the cart in a matter of seconds and we were checking out before I could even say Christmas spirit!

I got home and assembled the tree. Let's just say we got what we paid for. It was not 6' tall by any stretch of the imagination. It looked nice, but the dog/cat/baby could pull the thing down in the blink of an eye, it was so light. Feeling defeated we disassembled the tree and packed it back into its box.

While running errands we decided to swing by my favorite Goodwill. There in the home goods section stood the sturdiest, burliest, fullest artificial tree! For only...wait for it... $25!!! I'm not really sure how we fit it into the little car, but my husband makes miracles happen! We had white lights from the real tree we had a couple years ago. But hardly and ornaments. Since I'm a DIY gal, I'm on the search for some inspiration. I have been scavenging pinterest and the www for ideas. I have come up with some great ones so stay tuned for tutorials :)

The Danners are one happy crew, $25 heavy duty tree and Preston gets his lights!

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