Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just a little look back

Some times I am blown away with how fast time flies! As I was sorting through my photo card trying to locate pictures for yet another tutorial :P  I happened on these photos from June of our little Portland wedding celebration. 

This cake was my first gluten free try at making a big cake! It was a lemon cake with homemade (of course) lemon curd filling and a lemon butter cream frosting. It was to die for! I have learned a bit more from the internet about making layered cakes. I don't necessarily make beautiful cakes, but they taste darn good! I do love how this one turned out to look like a hat! I'll have to take a class on cake decorating one day. Wouldn't that be fun?!

Mom and I asked a very kind lady from our neighborhood if we could cut hydrangeas from her yard, they were gorgeous! we scavenged some rosemary (it's supposed to be good luck) from the neighborhood, and cut a little lavender and hosta leaves from our own yard and voila! Free floral arrangements :) they smelled delightful!

I so love this quote from Ben Folds. So sweet. We still have this framed in our bedroom.

This was such a sweet time with close Portland friends. I feel like I was in such a daze in the planning/participation of my wedding in South Carolina that I forgot many details. The photographs are lovely, and I had the time of my life marrying the love of my life; I couldn't ask for anything more. Maybe I'll post photos/memories of my wedding day as a blog sometime!

Have you hosted a celebration that you were particularly fond of?

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