Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Stockings! DIY Christmas Stockings

I went thrifting and purchased a shower curtain that was this beautiful sage green color. I love the fact that it is not that traditional green christmas color, so I figured it'd be perfect to make the girls' stockings out of. I wanted something simple and timeless, stockings that we would use for years and years to come. The red stockings were a gift last year from my bff. I considered just ordering more from Things Remembered, but then thought it was more visually interesting if the stockings were different. 

I used the BIG red stockings as a template, added 1/4" around 3 sides for seam allowance and stitched them up. I then made off white felt flowers and put a dot of gold fabric paint in the center. I used my paper cutter to make the names and filled them in with gold fabric paint on off white cotton fabric. I stitched the fabric on and frayed the edges. Then used my favorite fabric glue, Fabri-tac, to attach the felt flowers.

I love how they turned out!!

Please forgive the top of our tree, we didn't have time to make our star! lol

Full stockings. Santa sent us a note to let me know the stockings served their purpose ;)

What is your favorite DIY Christmas Project?

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