Monday, December 26, 2011

Tis the season to be frothy!

Join me for a cup of tea?

This time of year I love to drink warm beverages, coffee/tea/hot cocoa/whatever...
I found this pumpkin spice chai from Townshends Tea here in Portland. Well, chai is amazing with steamed and frothed milk. I don't have a steamer, but I'm about to give ya some good news... you don't need one!

This Westsoy vanilla unsweetened soy milk is my favorite for coffee/tea drinks. Cow milk and almond milk also froth very well, but rice milk not so much. I like more tea than milk in mine, so I figure about 3/4:1/4 tea to milk. I pour the milk into a pot and heat it up on medium. It doesn't take long and you'll want to stand there the whole time.

The little device photographed below I believe is called an emulsion blender. 

Pour your milk in a pot, heat it up on medium, and use a little frother/emulsion blender/whisk to keep the milk moving until you see steam. Once it is finished, it's frothy and beautiful!Mix it into your tea/chai and add your favorite sweetener!!!

Ta Da!

Happy Frothing ;) 
What's your favorite tea/latte?

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