Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Scored! Pyrex Story

I thought the possibility of finding vintage pyrex at Goodwill was slim-to-none. Seriously, I thought that was the first thing everyone looked for when they went thrifting...

I wasn't even looking for Pyrex, I was looking at plates and mugs. We don't really need either but I sort of have an obsession with dishes... especially old ones with lotsa character!

Out of habit, I went down the isle in Goodwill where there *might* be Pyrex...

And look what I found!!!!!

They did not look this amazing when I found them. 

The orange bowl with yellow flowers looked peach with white flowers...
yeah, it that bad.

I Started cleaning with soapy water. That didn't work at all. 

You really don't want to use an abrasive on this stuff since it can mess up the finish, but in order to get them clean I had to use Bar Keepers' friend as a last resort. It took quite a bit of the shine off of the orange bowl, it looks pretty matte now. Although, it was so grungy in the first place, it may have already had the shine scrubbed out! I was able to clean my pink dish with a sponge and magic eraser in only some parts. Since that too is an abrasive, I wanted to clean as much as I could with out ruining the finish.

Here they sit atop our room divider... Right next to buddha!

I'm pretty thrilled by this find!

$6.99/piece, can't beat that with a stick!


  1. My mom still has her whole set of nesting bowls that are orange with yellow flowers. :-)