Friday, April 13, 2012

Wine bottle to vase! A quick project tutorial

I am going to tell you how to turn a wine bottle into a vase!

Remember this post
There was really just a smattering of color in the form of fabric and fake flowers that were inspiring me for A & B's bedroom. Whimsical really.

I could not pass up these huge daisies at Michaels at 50% off a couple of weeks ago, but we needed a vase and I really did not want to buy anything. I already hadn't purchased enough fabric with my coupon stash and had to go back to buy more for a measly 10% off. 

I do not like buying things that are not on sale. I think I inherited that from my father...

Ok, on to the tut.

So simple:

1. Raid your recycling (or someone else's!) and select a bottle.

2. Soak it in hot water to scrape curse peel the label off.

3. To get the excess gunk off from the label you can use goo gone, vegetable oil,
 or rubbing alcohol and some salt is a great little abrasive.

4. Wash the bottle very well with dish soap. 

5. Let your bottle dry all the way. 
I waited a whole day, and I lived to tell about it ;) 

6. Spray primer! 
Cover the whole bottle.

7. After your primer has dried (usually about 20 mins or so), 
spray paint your bottle your chosen color. 
In our case it is white.

8. This is the most important part: 
Put your bottle someplace safe and relatively warm and let the paint cure for at least a week
This will keep your paint from chipping, peeling or cracking.

**If you choose to add huge whimsical flowers, set them up in varying heights, as seen in the photo, and trim the stems with burley wire cutters. You may have to twist them slightly to get them into the bottle.


  1. i love this! this should be our next craft day!! i have a super cute bottle that i want to paint with chalkboard paint!!

    1. Seriously! We could even do it so that part of the bottle is painted and a framed out portion is chalkboard. So easy, just have to be patient enough to leave it alone so the paint can sure. Well, that was the hardest part for me!