Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Business Card Display from an old drawer

There she is on the left! 

At Yoga Pearl, the business cards were all over the place and it was sloppy. Very unprofessional looking, really. So David and I were commissioned for a solution.

Together we came up with the vision of little lockers that would neutrally cover most of the business card face in order to look a lot cleaner and less junky. I had the vision of individual cells where you simply look for the teacher's name and find the card that you need. 

The new colors of Yoga Pearl are so clean, I decided to go with the white. 

My amazing husband can create some incredible functional steel brackets. So we started with this very interesting shaped drawer from The Rebuilding Center; we primed and painted it white. David made the steel L shaped shelves and the tiny brackets which were glued and nailed with teeny tiny nails in place. 

We cut the "legs" of the drawer a shorter for stability. Happy Hubby went dumpster diving at work and found the chunk of steel that is the base. He had to grind some extra parts off and clean it up; he then primed and painted the steel chunk, rounded the edges, and drilled some counter sunk holes in the bottom.

We screwed the drawer to the steel foundation and affixed the Martha Stewart label holders from Staples onto the fronts of the steel shelves. 

This was a labor of love!

True to my vision!