Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mudroom under $100 - part 1: A shoe rack consolidation

Our house is small, just under 1300 sq feet, to be a little more descriptive. We have one cat, one 50lb dog, a 14 month old son and 4 and 6 year old daughters (several weekends and all summer long). I guess what I am trying to say here is that there is a lot going on in just under 1300 sq ft of space. I knew this when we bought the place in 2009. I saw it as an inspiration and a challenge. My husband thought the place was disgusting and didn't see the charm that I did when we toured it the first, second, or third time! I have had big dreams for this skinny little home and let me tell you, a lot of them have come true. David now shares my vision!

When we first walk into our home, there is a long skinny hallway. There is hardly any room for a proper "mud room" and there is no coat closet. We are the take-your-shoes-off kind of a house, but where do you put your shoes in a long skinny hallway? Well, we have had a wire rack that served as a catch all- leash, poo bags, shoes, coats etc. all got dumped on this rack. I must say that it is less than appealing to come in the front door after a long day and see such a mess. I couldn't even bring myself to photograph all the crap, so here is the before picture!

So many things that need to be accomplished in this space!!

We also struggle with mail pile up on the kitchen counter. I know a lot of folks deal with the same thing, so I started searching the www up and down for inspiration and guidance. All I could find were spacious beautifully designed open floor plans and huge mudrooms that stored everything under the sun and ample room for shoe removal as well as mail storage. I have the same needs, but none of the space! That is why I am writing this series!

I decided that I needed to get very basic: 
1. What do I need to accomplish in my entry way/ mudroom? I need order, organization, and a landing space.

2. What do I need to store in my entry way? Shoes, jackets, dog leash, poo bags, shopping bags, incoming and outgoing mail, family binder (meal plan, cleaning plan, bills), reusable shopping bags, shopping list, keys... I'm sure this list will grow in the future as this becomes a usable space.

3. What feeling to I want when I am entering my home after a long day or leaving in a huge rush to get somewhere? I want to feel a) inspired b) put together c) like I know where everything is d) I have a very valuable family and I want my home to represent this.

Our most simple need is to contain our shoes. I saw this on Pinterest and thought these wall mounted planters could be a great solution for corralling our shoes! So we went to Home Depot and they were $14 for each 24" horse trough planter, great deal huh?! My dear husband affixed them to the wall. Away with the wire shoe each catch all!!

Cool huh?!

Here they are from the side, I had to super crop it so that I didn't give away the rest of what we did in here, That's a whole other post! They're super flush, I love them!!

Stay tuned for the next installment!!

Is there a particular clutter nucleation site in your home that you are searching for a solution to?

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  1. i love it!! it's so clever and cute!!! good work, my crafty lady friend!!!

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  2. So simple bu such an elegant way to organize

  3. We women tend to collect shoes and that is a given. Which in turn means that we need to come up with a storage idea that works for us.

  4. I really like that idea! Do you mind if I include one of your photos and a link to this post in a blog post I'm writing about ideas for storing shoes in RVs?

  5. my friend at http://www.fowlerconstructionllc.co/ makes cool things like this.