Sunday, December 4, 2011

DIY Christmas Ornaments with Polymer Clay

Gather your supplies:
Cookie Cutters (I used star shaped, of course!)
Polymer clay that can be baked to set (I used white)
Stamps (Pictured in the jar are one of my mini font sets)
Versa Craft Ink Pad (maybe other inks would work?!)
Wax Paper
Ribbon (not pictured)
Skewer or tooth pick (not pictured)
Rolling pin or wine bottle (lol not pictured)

I was totally inspired by this blog: Jessica Jane Handmade

But I couldn't make a bird shape to save my life! So, here's my take on it.

The clay that I purchased had to be baked at 275 degrees so I pre-heated the oven. Y'all know I am an impatient crafter! I wanted to just pop these babies in as I made them so I'd be too busy making more to be pacing and opening the oven to check on them every 5 seconds!

1. Roll a chunk of clay into a ball.

2. Plop clay ball on wax paper sheet, and place another sheet of wax paper on top. Kinda like making a pie crust!

3. Cut out your shape with cookie cutter. I made some round ones too by using the top of a cup and mini mug!

4. Ink your stamps and stamp your letters/words into the clay. You might want to practice a bit on scrap paper first.

5. Use your skewer or tooth pick to poke a hole in the top.

6. Bake according to clay package directions. I baked them on the wax paper on a cookie sheet. There was some smoke. So I'd be sure to have the hood vent/fan on and maybe even a window open.

7. After ornaments are cooked poke some ribbon through the hold and hang on the tree!

Finished Products:

My husband made a forklift! :)

If you make some of these, please share photos!! I'd love to see them.

Have you made any Christmas ornaments this year? If so what is your favorite?