Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fabric covered wall mounted file holders

I started out with these clear acrylic wall mount file organizers. I got them from Target in the office supply section and they were under $3 each!

Those are for my office, and I had just enough fabric left over for a small project in the same area.

You know I just couldn't leave these clear acrylic file holders alone, so I sanded them down to give them a little grip.

I then slathered on the Mod Podge and wrapped the fabric around the acrylic. Do not be fooled, it seems oh-so-simple, but this is very tedious and time consuming. I got all perfectionist on it...

I mean, just look at these little corners! Make sure you really slap on the top coat of Mod Podge where the fabric overlaps!

Here they are on the wall in my office/crafting space!

I think the best part is that they will also hold a 12x12" piece of scrapbooking paper, so when Mr. P wakes up from nap and I haven't finished my page, I can throw all of the parts in here until I'm ready to finish!

I kept my overlap at the top very tidy since you can see the white fabric through. I don't mind how it looks, but if I were to do it again, I'd likely use darker fabric to hide this. 

I'll throw some labels on these babies like I did on my up cycled cocoa box stamp holder and we will be in business!

And here they are!

(sorry about the blur, not the best lighting!)

Happy Creating!

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  1. This was so clever! You're brilliant!

    1. haha Thank you! I am so happy to have these up. My office space is a total wreck and I have to look at it every single day, I'm slowly tackling the intimidation!

    2. Those are wonderful holders indeed! Fits perfectly!

  2. These look really good! Such a great idea :)

  3. I love it! Those are awesome!!!

    Thanks for linking them up!