Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birds on a wire coat hooks tutorial

This simple and sweet update in our mudroom packs a lot of punch!

From the photos in this post, you can see that our entry/mudroom is very narrow. What you can not see, is that what used to be a coat closet was turned into a pantry (thank goodness!!).

The problem is that for the 2.5 years that we have lived in our home coats have been hanging on the back of our dining room chairs... and it drives me nuts! No matter how clean the house is this makes it look dirty and cluttered.

Very similar to the situation with my duvet cover, I could not make a solid decision about what I wanted. And let's face it, Happy Hubby is not so happy when he is continuously drilling and patching holes when I change my mind.

I picked up some Blecka Hooks at Ikea that were $4.99. Initially I intended to hang them plain and simple on the wall, but we all know I just can't leave things alone! Since the hallway is so narrow, we decided to keep it a cream color and I have the vision of a gallery wall in there. You don't see plain in a gallery. 
So, I needed to turn my hooks into some art!

Here is what I came up with:

I adore them. 

1. I got little wooden circle plaques from Michaels (don't remember how much, but I think they were around 50 cents each!) and painted them black. 

2. Laid my plaques (face down) on the backside of this rockin' birds on a wire paper and traced the small front circle with a pencil. 

3. Cut out the circles.

4. Slather a medium thick coat of Mod Podge on the front of my plaques and adhered the paper smoothing out any bumps. Once dried, I spread Mod Podge all over the paper and wood- edges and all, I like how it smoothes things out.

5. I sanded any rough spots with my 220 grit sand paper, we don't want to snag any sweaters!

6. Second coat of mod podge! whoop whoop ;)

7. Spray with a non yellowing acrylic sealer, I did 2 coats!

8. Some how measure or eyeball the circle and drill a hole to add hooks. We used wall anchors that support up to 5 lbs in the sheetrock and the same screw that you see on the front goes all the way into the wall; this is how we mounted and attached our hooks.

They make an amazing addition to the gallery, and perfect companions to this little fella I created a couple months ago!

Here is how we lined them up:

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  1. These are so uniquely adorable- I would love some myself:)
    New Follower!!
    Jen @ F5

  2. Nicely done! I've been needing some purse hanging inspiration. By the way, coats on the dining chair drive me nuts too! '=[

  3. Great work! Love it, great solution for areas where a coat rack won't fit. Like my small apartment! :)


  4. Oh my goodness that is SO pretty! Such a great solution for that small area! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing!