Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A shirt for our music man

There are a million freezer stencil tutorials out there if you google it, so I will not post a tut for that.

I used the trace function on my Silhouette to get the image, cut it out, and painted it with fabric paint- lesson learned that white paint on dark fabric is tough. Not a perfect image, but since happy hubby has a shirt like this, Mr. P is thrilled to be just like his daddy!

Little tip if you want to do there:
Tshirts at Target are super inexpensive and seem to be the best quality, I've used them for appliqué, stenciling etc. This one was $4.

Lotsa girlie clothes will be posted soon, since we found out we are having a baby girl, I have been working hard on making Mr. P's old clothes a bit more girlie!

What have you been up to? Any cool toddler or baby projects these days?
I'm consumed lol

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