Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From Baby Boy Clothes to Baby Girl Clothes

Hey Y'all! 
I believe I mentioned in the last post that things were starting to get a bit more girlie around here! 

I'm going to show you guys how to make or up cycle baby boy clothes into baby girl clothes!

Mr. P and I had so much fun going through his old baby clothes and picking out a preliminary batch to alter for his baby sister who is scheduled to arrive mid June.

On my pinterest board "Baby Girl" I have a miss-mash of projects to take on for her room and inspiration for diy clothing and up cycling!

Photographed above are the first round!

#1. Is one of my own designs. The polka dots made me think of sprinkles, so I stamped a sprinkled cupcake on scrap white linen, cut it out into a square and appliquéd it onto the onesie. Once it's washed a couple times, the edges of the cupcake patch with fray and look pretty cool.

#2. and #4. are inspired by this blog post of an embellished onesie.

#3. Is a simple heart cut out of white linen and I zigzag appliquéd the edges.

Here are a few more photos closer up:

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