Friday, January 11, 2013

A Baby Girl and Nursery Inspiration Image

Hey Friends!

I have been so sporadic about posting, although we have continued to work on projects and make up fun things to do/make!

I am 19 weeks pregnant!
We just found out that we are having a baby girl. :)
My first trimester was pretty rough and this pregnancy has been very different than my last. I am still practicing yoga, although my schedule has changed substantially. I am staying home during the day all week now and only teaching in the mornings and 3 evenings a week. It's been an interesting adjustment, but so far I'm liking it!

I have designed plans for and priced out a closet system in Mr. P's closet and a built in breakfast nook. I've chosen, painted and designed the inside of my new craft armoire and ripped down all of the shelving in my old crafting space, and we are wrapping up this new little nook. 
But more on all of this later...

I have also designed our baby girl's room!
It'll be a month or so before we get to work on this space since other things need to happen first, but I wanted to share my inspiration! We will be using my bonus daughters' bedroom as the nursery and the girls and Mr. P will share a bedroom during the summer. I'm trying to reuse as many elements in the nursery as I'm able. I also am feeling so much better prepared with this second pregnancy in knowing what I need in the space and what will work best for baby. I have thrown some ideas together on an image board to keep everything straight and stay inspired to finish all of the projects that must come first!

Take a peek:

We are so very excited!

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  1. Congrats!!! That is so exciting. Little girls are the most precious things ever!