Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dictionary Art

Brought to you by the letter:

Isn't that P awesome?!?!

I got a paper mache P from Joann on sale a couple weeks ago.

In this post I talked about the gallery wall that I am working on in Mr. P's room. 

My vision is letters and numbers, and keeping things pretty classic. 
I love things that are timeless, that way we are not wasting and tossing etc.

I kinda feel guilty for ripping up a dictionary since I just read the other day that no more will be published due to the availability of definitions on the world wide web... Sad!

But I ripped it up anyway... and then lamented that I should have made copies to use instead, and then I thought, well, this is a great way to preserve history right?!  See my dilemma here? :)

Anyhow, the P is covered in ripped up dictionary pages of all P words and will make a lovely addition to Mr. P's room/gallery wall.

I also made this cute little guy:

My lil man is soooooo into bike rides these days!

This is a little 4x4 canvas that I adhered a dictionary page with the word bicycle onto and used my radical bicycle stamp.
I might be able to sell these, what do you think?

Here they are side by side:

I can not wait to get them up on the wall.

Katie from Creatively Living has certainly inspired me with her lovely gallery walls in her home. You should check em out! However making the decision where to hang everything is pretty overwhelming!

We will have it up soon, and photos to brag inspire :P

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  1. That bicycle is sooo awesome! Love how the edges are "aged"!