Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY Photo canvas for gallery wall

So, I'm hopping on the trendy scene with home decor. The gallery wall... I am working on two at the moment (since we all know that I am self diagnosed D.I.Y- A.D.D), one in my entry way and one in Mr. P's room.

Guess what?!
 Canvases were on sale last week at Joann's- 50% off! I live for this time of year. Honestly, I refuse to purchase a canvas if it is not on sale. I bought a lot of them... 

I just adore how a photo looks on a canvas and I have been known to purchase the Groupon for 60% off said canvas photo mounting. Enter Pinterest to save the day... again!

I found this tutorial (which rocks!) and I decided to do what I do and make it my own.

1. I took baby photos of Mr. P and adhered them to canvas (that I'd painted black brown- top and all 4 sides) with Matte Mod Podge- my fav.

2. I patiently waited for them to dry... about 20 minutes.

3. I covered the top of the photo with smooth horizontal strokes of Mod Podge. The smooth strokes with a paint brush, not sponge are sooo important, in the end you will see the strokes, but they make your photo look like part of the canvas.

4. Again, waiting for it to dry...

5. Fill in the creases between the photo and canvas, around the rim of the photo, you'll end up painting it. Then smooth vertical strokes of Mod Podge across the top (of the horizontal strokes) of the photo.

6. More waiting for it to dry...

7. one last coat of Mod Podge on top of the photo, again smooth horizontal strokes.

8. Waiting for dry....

9. Repaint the edges of the canvas black brown and stipple a bit onto the front rim of the photo- you can see it better on the smaller, lighter photo below.

10. Wait for it to dry.

11. Spray the whole thing with clear flat (unless you like a little shine, then use satin...), acrylic spray paint- I used Krylon!

And, a little side view!


  1. This is genious! I love it! and the baby too! :)

    1. Aw thank you! They are so fun to make, you should try it out!

  2. Sounds like good, as I also think that photo canvas is a good gift for mothers and mostly all mothers would prefer this kind of gift, so finally I decided to make a beautiful photo and give it to my mom on this mother's day.

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