Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY Fabric Flower Drawer Pulls

I'm really excited to share a project with y'all from this weekend for our baby girl's room!

I can not believe that I'm already in my third trimester and that I'll have a baby girl in less than 3 months! It just blows me away how fast this pregnancy has gone by.

OK, on to the project! It is very sweet and simple, but packs a lot of punch in the cuteness department :)

Take a peek!

We found this dresser on the side of the road in our neighborhood a couple summers ago on our way home from the park. It wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination... and we didn't care. 

We painted it white as soon as we got it home, and it was good enough for the time being. Now that I am pulling together a nursery for the new baby I wanted to glam it up a bit. 

I was inspired by this post that I have seen pinned a million times. However for our nursery the look was too clean looking and I wanted something a little bit shabbier.

So, I'll tell ya how I did it!

I used:
Scrap fabric
Sharp Fabric Scissors
Round Objects from the recycling bin
Polyurethane Spray
Scrap Cardboard
A scribe
Cheap Ikea Drawer pulls
Screw driver

1. I cut out various circles using jars from the recycling bin as a template. I chose my patterned fabric to be the back and front and my solid fabric as the middle two layers.

2. After cutting graduated sized circles, I scalloped the edge of the two patterened circles (the smallest and largest) buy just winging it. Then frayed the edges with my thumb nails. This can get very messy, so I'd recommend doing it over the garbage can.

3. I cut into the circle of my solid fabric making chunky petals and frayed them all by pulling them and running my thumb nail across them. 

Here is a photo to give you an idea of the steps above:

After I frayed all of my edges to my liking I wanted to stiffen the fabric up so my flowers wouldn't be floppy around the drawer pulls.
4. I laid my frayed circular shapes out on a scrap piece of cardboard, took it outside and sprayed my fabric with a polyurethane spray. I could have opted for mod podge, it probably would have dried faster and would have been less stinky, but I didn't want to mess with getting fabric pieces in my mod podge and I was trying to make this happen as fast as possible :) 

5. I let my sprayed fabric dry for several hours in the garage.

6. The fabric pieces stiffened up just as I wanted them to! I crumpled them up a bit and layered them up biggest in the back down to smallest in the front and poked a hole through the center of the fabric with this handy tool that my husband has. It's called a scribe, and I'll tell you it worked quite nicely!

7. I stuck the screw for the drawer pull through the drawer from the backside and popped my flowers onto the front side and screwed on the drawer pull in the center. 

8. Last, I fluffed up my flower petals around the pull. I could not be more thrilled about the final product!!!

I think I'll take a little sand paper and some stain to the dresser to rough it up a bit, the white is just a little too clean looking at this point :)

 One last look up close!

You can go here for a look at the changing pad cover that I whipped up for the nursery in the same color scheme.

Later on this week I'll reveal what the rest of this closet looks like in baby girl's room!

If you decide to make your own fabric flower drawer pulls, I'd love to see what you come up with.
Hope your weekend was great and your Monday is sweet to you :)

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