Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seafood Chowder- in the crockpot!!!

There have been times that I have felt like all I do is work in the kitchen. It's so lame when David gets home and one of us entertains Mr. P while the other one cooks then we with off to clean. After P goes to bed we get about an hour of each other's company then hit the sack. We are in love. We must have more quality time than that! 

I posted a status on Facebook asking what people did to cut back on time in the kitchen. I heard of companies that meal plan for you, freezer cooking, cooking in jars for the week, once a week food prep and... the crockpot!

David and I received a crock pot as a wedding gift and had only used it once or twice. I decided it was time to dust it off and do some lazy lady cooking on my busy days (Monday & Wednesday). While this is not the only or permanent solution we came up with, it really is taking care of some business!

We have made some ok things, but this Seafood Chowder was the absolute best, so I must share it!

I found the recipe for the seafood chowder here at A Year of Slow Cooking

But as always, a recipe is only a suggestion, so I changed it to suit our likes/needs/wants/inventory!

This is what I came up with:

4 cups of water and 2 veggie bullion cubes
5 or 6 yukon gold potatoes (more than original recipe)
1 cup of frozen corn
1/2 sweet onion (we now chop ours at the beginning of the week and store in jars!)
2 stalks of celery chopped- although I'd add more next time since it isn't strong tasting at the end
handful of baby carrots
1 tsp garlic powder
3 cloves of chopped garlic (I wanted more garlic flavor, but didn't have time to cut a whole bunch so I stopped at 3 and added the garlic powder)
1 swai filet left over in the freezer
3 small filets of... was that tilapia? frozen

I think the point I'm making is that you'll add some sort of deboned white fish but it really doesn't matter what kind. Throw all of these ingredients in the crock pot and add a little salt and pepper "to taste" although, like most things I just guessed ;) 

Cook on low for however long, 6 hours or so.

30 minutes before serving add:

1 bag Frozen shrimp (without tails!)
1 cup heavy whipping cream or even half and half

so. freakin'. good.

It kind of looks like there is butter in it, but there is not. That's the veggie broth.

Sad it's all been eaten...

Look at all of those potatoes!!!

hope you make it and enjoy it!

What is your favorite crock pot meal?

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