Thursday, February 9, 2012

We Made Butter :)

My bonus daughters were here this past weekend, and it was a really great visit. 
We made butter!
 I found a recipe on pinterest where you pour whipping cream into a jar with marbles and shake, shake, shake... but that was taking way too long and as I mention in almost every post... I'm impatient!!

I poured our whipping cream in the blender and blended it on the highest setting. I could feel it getting thicker and thicker as it separated, it took a couple minutes. It was really cool to watch.

We let the butter set for a couple minutes while the buttermilk continued to separate and sink to the bottom. 

We then drained out the buttermilk. Do this carefully, our butter actually dumped out onto the counter, no one minded though.

We then washed the butter. What?! We poured ice cold water over the butter into the blender and blended for about a minute, then poured the water out and dumped the butter into a small strainer for the rest of the water to drain out of the butter. Washing your butter is supposed to make it keep longer.

We tossed our butter into a bowl and mixed in some sea salt.

Here's what we got!

We made cookies and popcorn with our homemade butter!

We will definitely do this again!

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  1. You really do, do it all! I've never even considered making my own. I bet it taste really good and what a good lesson to teach your daughters.

    ♥Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute